Get Social Get Viral – Social Sharing WordPress Plugin

We all know that social media buttons are necessary to get our content easily posted on the big social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

But just like those pesky banner ads, social icons floating on the left or right of our blog posts have become annoying and we tend to ignore them. Now a reason why big social news sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy and others are finding their great content being shared everywhere like




Buzzfeed have recently changed the style of their buttons but the jist is the same. These successful social sharing buttons have common characteristics:

  • They’re big
  • They don’t cater for every social network, just the biggest ones
  • They appear right above your content AND
  • They appear just below your content

All of that makes these social buttons VERY hard to ignore. And if you’re not ignoring them, you’re looking at them both before you look at the content (pre-priming you to share) and then after you’ve consumed the content, enticing your straight away to share, when the emotions that the content have evoked are at their peak!

Now I searched a lot to get something similar for my WordPress website but really struggled. Then I thought I’d get it created myself – you can see it at work right here on this blog post and if you want to see it in a more neutral coloured site, go to my World Cup 2014 site.

You’ll see it has just 3 networks to share to but they are the biggest! Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Its an easy one-click to share direct to that network and it works!

No more searching around for a social sharing wordpress plugin that works. The bigger viral-type news websites have done the research for you. All you need is that viral wordpress plugin that you can install straight into your site without fancy configuration options that you need to spend hours on before you get the right fit. This social sharing wordpress plugin is simple and it has one purpose, to promote sharing of your content.

If you’d like to get your hands on a copy of what I’ve called the Get Social Get Viral WordPress plugin, then I’m offering it out to everyone for a ridiculously low price.

I strongly believe that in the same way that great content isn’t enough without an enticing headline for people to click on, well great content and great headlines aren’t enough without a strong way for people to share it.

Remember, share buttons are well-placed reminders that sharing is an option.

You should see improvements in your shares across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by using Get Social Get Viral. Its as easy to install through your WordPress admin panel as any WordPress plugin I’ve ever used. No additional configuration necessary.

Get your hands on the Get Social Get Viral plugin now – and increase your content’s sharing capacity on the biggest social media platforms.