Buzzfeed & Upworthy-style Social Media Sharing Plugin for WordPress

Buzzfeed-style Sharing Plugin for WordPress

After a long time search for these, I’ve finally found what I believe are the best social media sharing buttons around.  Social news sites like Buzzfeed and Upworthy have risen in prominence over the past few years partly because they are great at enticing people to share the content they’ve carefully curated on all their favourite social networks.


If there were a list of websites which consistently put out content that went viral, then these two would surely be near the top somewhere.

As I see it, they spend a lot of money and time figuring out what works and doesn’t work.  No point in us smaller fish doing the same, just let them see what works and copy it!

This is why I’ve been searching for a WordPress plugin that would give me the style of social icons they use at the moment and enough flexibility to allow me to customise them to my sites.

Even the massive tech news site Mashable uses some version of these social buttons to promote the sharing of content on their pages.


Since I’ve been blogging across my various platforms, I’ve used a lot of different social media plugins.  At present, the momentum seems to be towards large, bold sharing icons that are in your face.  I guess we’ve grown blind to the simple, left-floating icons we see everywhere and therefore this essential social marketing technique is evolving.

Take a look at the Get Social Get Viral WordPress plugin to see how it fares with what you’re currently using on your sites.