Follow this one simple security step if you use WordPress, its a MUST!

How do you change you default WordPress admin‘ username?

By default, WordPress assigns you the ‘admin‘ username when you first install it.  Most people will stick with this forever but this is a gift for anyone wishing to break into your website.


You want to get into someone’s account.  You see two fields on the screen in front of you.  One is asking for the username, the other is asking for a password.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that if you already know one of those, your job of getting unauthorised access is 50% simpler.

So my advice?  Always, always change your default administrator username.  It takes about 2 minutes and makes breaking in by guessing that little bit more difficult.

Ok so how do you change you default WordPress admin‘ username?  
Just follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard using your admin username and password.
  2. Go to the Users section and create a new user.  Give this user Administrator privileges and an appropriate username. TIP: Use something that isn’t your name, or anything like admin‘.  So no, admin2‘ is not recommended.
  3. Now you’ve created a new user that is also an Administrator, one of them can be deleted. To delete admin‘, you need to log out and log back in with your new user details.
  4. Once you’re back in, go to the Users section again, pick the admin‘ profile and hit the delete key.  Assign any content over to your new username and you’re done!

Easy, peasy! You have now changes your default WordPress admin‘ username.

If you’ve got any problems, send me a tweet at @Helpforstartups and I’ll be happy to tweet you through it.