Are you being smart about using WordPress?

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Why do we use WordPress?

There are a number of reasons why millions around the world use WordPress:

1. It’s very well supported – A massive user base means a massive community.  So there are thousands of forums, user groups, experts who are around to help.
2. Its not just about blogs – Yes it’s the king of blogs and that’s how it started, but its more than just a blogging platform. Over 1 million of the most popular sites on the Web use WordPress and no they’re not all blogs.
3. Its massively customisable – Need a contact form, want to have ads, want anything else?  There’ll be a plugin for that!  There are literally thosuands of WordPress themes and plugins to customise your site exactly the way you want it.
4. It doesn’t take a technical whiz to get started – You can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

I already use WordPress – what more should I be doing?

Because WordPress is so widely used, you need to know how to keep your WordPress site secure.

  • Stay up to date – Plugins, themes and the very WordPress software itself gets updated often to provide new functionality and to increase security.
  • Backup your data – I know you’ve heard this before, but it needs to be said.  Why spend time & money on your website and then risk it all being taken away?  

How not backing up could lose you $1800:


Running many sites on WordPress?

If you’re already using WordPress across many websites, chances are you’re already updating WordPress along with all your plugins and themes.

You probably also spend far too much time just updating everything.

Typical process   (about 5 minutes per site)

1.Login to each site.
2.Update WordPress.
3.Update Themes.
4.Update Plugins.
5.Log out.

Does this sound familiar?

 Any idea how long you’ve spent updating if you’ve got just 10 websites?

That’s just updating…

If you’ve been working on your website for a while, you’re probably also spending time on:

  1. Backing up your website and content
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) analysis
  3. Tracking which keywords you’re ranking for on the major search engines
  4. Reviewing your Google Analytics
  5. Monitoring uptime across your websites

How much time are you spending on all of this?


Spending too much money as well as time?

Lets face it.  If you’ve been doing this a while, you’ve already got someone working on your SEO and paying good money for it too.

You’ve probably got a plugin which handles your backups.

You’re probably checking rankings on all your sites manually or you’ve delegated this to someone else on your team.


Get all this for  $2 per site, per month

Yes, just $2 or £1.50 per month.

For that, you get:

  1. One-click updates
  2. All websites under one dashboard
  3. One-click automatic login to any of your WordPress sites
  4. Update WordPress software on all your sites with just one-click
  5. Install, update, manage all your plugins and themes on all your sites
  6. Mass remove spam comments
  7. Update any post from any site from just one dashboard
  8. Optimise your WP database
  9. Conduct a Website Performance Scan
  10. Receive email notifications for available updates
  11. Easy, reliable backups (including to S3, Dropbox, Google Drive)
  12. Powerful SEO analysis
  13. Review pageview statistics
  14. Keyword ranking checks
  15. Google Analytics monitoring from the same dashboard


Be smart about how you use WordPress.

Spend your time and money on the important stuff.

Let a simple, low-cost solution do the rest.

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